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June 1996 - Love of Life mixtape with Paul Oakenfold in the mix


Love of Life mixtape 18 with Paul Oakenfold in the mix. The tape was released on June 1996 as a bootleg mixtape. It is not known where the liveset is recorded.







Cried To Dream (Amazonian Vocal) By Bullitt 1
ID By ID 2
I Am (Digweed & Muir's 'Bedrock' Mix) By Chakra 3
Seven Days and One Week (original mix) By BBE 4
Come On (Forth's Vocal Motion) By Konya 5
Fantasya By Robert Miles 6
Dreamtime (Shaker's Full Vocal Remix) By Zee 7
Qattara (Pure Mix) By Qattara 8
Salva Mea (Save Me) (Sister Bliss Remix) By Faithless 9
It's Alive (Original Mix) By Angeles 10
Rays Of The Rising Sun (Electric Beach Mix) By Mozaic 11
Sky Plus (Only Melody) By Nylon Moon 12
This Love (Original Mix) By Red Sun 13
Born Slippy .Nuxx (Nuxx Mix) By Underworld 14


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