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1992 - Aphex Twin live at the Orbit, Morley, Leeds



Liveset from the British musician and composer Aphex Twin, born on August 18, 1971 as Richard David James in Limerick, Ireland. It is recorded in 1992 at an Orbit party at the After Dark in Morley, Leeds. 

In 1992 the first full-length Aphex Twin album, "Selected Ambient Works 85–92", was released on R&S Records to critical praise; John Bush of Allmusic described it as a "watershed of ambient music" and by FACT magazine it was called the best album of the 1990's.

In 1992 James also released the Xylem Tube EP  and Digeridoo (first played by DJ Colin Faver on London's Kiss FM) as Aphex Twin, the Pac-Man EP (based on the arcade game) as Power-Pill, and two of his four Joyrex EPs (Joyrex J4 EP and Joyrex J5 EP) as Caustic Window.

The Digeridoo EP was originally released on R&S with four tracks: "Digeridoo" and an early fade of "Flap Head", plus "Phloam" and "Isoprophlex". This Belgian 12" was repressed in 2001 & 2006 with sleeve & label variations. "Digeridoo" reached #55 on the UK Singles Chart, and was later described by Rolling Stone as foreshadowing drum and bass. He wrote "Digeridoo" to clear up his audience after a rave. These early releases were on Rephlex Records, Mighty Force of Exeter and R&S Records of Belgium 




  1. Universal Indicator - Green #5 [Rephlex - 1995]
  2. Polygon Window - Quoth (Hidden Mix) [Warp - 1993]
  3. Aphex Twin - Start As You Mean To Go On [Warp - 1995]
  4. Aphex Twin - Digeridoo [R&S - 1992]
  5. The Caustic Window - The Garden Of Linmiri [Rephlex - 1993]
  6. Aphex Twin - On [Warp Records - 1993]
  7. The Caustic Window - Fantasia [Rephlex - 1993]


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