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May 24, 1991 - Zammo and Jacqui Morrison at Rhumba, Roxannes



Recordiing from the Rhumba Party at Roxannes in Perth Scotland on May 24th 1991 with DJ's Zammo and Jacqui Morrison behind the decks.

Manchester and London are cited as the hot beds for the cross cultural fusion which led to the explosion of dance culture, yet Glasgow and Scotland had their own hand in propelling the movement. With Mike Grieve putting on a dedicated Chicago Acid night in Aberdeen as early as 1986 called Acid Jax, at Video Plex in Aberdeen with female DJ Jacqui Morrison, the touch paper was well and truly lit north of Hadrian’s Wall.

In Glasgow’s Sub Club, Graham Wilson and Colin Barr would drop Chicago tracks (the latter at his cheekily titled Zoom night) whilst DJ Harri at his Beatbox night would play house mixed up with rare groove and soul in the vein of Pickering’s mirrored activities in Manchester.

Glasgow followed Manchester and London very close on their heels - ID magazine’s annual of ’88 had three Scottish nights in the top ten clubs of the UK, i.e. Black Market, Ecstasy and Slam.

Credits: http://www.clashmusic.com



* Zammo *
1. If - Saturdays Angels
2. Incognito feat Jocelyn Brown - Always There
3. Thirst - The Enemy Within
4. D-Tech - I Wanna Groove You Baby [Javelin] "groove you baby" female/piano/guru josh style sax
5. Rozalla - Faith (In The Power Of Love)
6. Love Inc feat MC Noise - Love Is The Message
7. MC Magic Max - Everybody Rock It Steady [URO Records] "everybody rockin steady" male rap "mc magic"
8. Off Limits - Round And Round [Dance And Waves] "come on, heres an oldie but goodie" male/hammond
9. ? male rap "round & round upside down, living my life underneath the ground" "its a nasty rhythm" female
10. Afrika Bambaataa - Just Get Up & Dance
11. 4 for Money - BJP (Key Version) sax
12. Nexy Lanton - You Too (Club Mix) [Yo Bro] male scat/piano/sax 
13. Joy Salinas - Rockin Romance

* Jacqui Morrison *
1. ClubHouse - Deep In My Heart
2. Voodoo Child - Voodoo Child "oh yeah, called voodoo child" male / warehouse piano
3. Trancemission - Trancemission (Rock Da House) [Stealth] "rock the house, transmission transmission"
4. DJ H feat Stefy - I Like It (briefly plays - Think About)
5. S-Bam - Chica Boom
6. Dynamic Noise - Do You Feel Alright? [Calypso Records] inst with sax
7. Mato Grosso - Thunder (II) [Dance And Waves] "motherland" female scat/synth techno
8. Cubic 22 - Night In Motion
9. The Shamen - Progen (Move Any Mountain) (Bonesbreaks Mix)
10. MCJ feat Sima - To Yourself Be Free (Bonesbreak Rave Mix)
11. MC J & Sima - Sexuality "only you baby, sensitivity" female
12. Moulinex MC's - Release Me Tension (Every Day) "a whole new world is listening in joy"
13. Fatman feat Stella Mae - Release Me (Steve Anderson Remix)
14. Crystal Waters - Gypsy Woman (La Da Dee)
15. Cola Boy - 7 Ways To Love

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