DJ Swan-E, real name Simon Swan. is a drum & bass DJ from Luton, UK whoplayed at various raves from the early nineties.

He became interested in music at a young age and listed to Diana Ross, Jacksons  and old soul music. In 1984 he started DJing, playing hip-hop, soul and rare grooves, but in the late eigties he switched to acid house. In the beginning of 1989 he started to play in the House scene with a gig at a big charity event called "Help a London Child" in Dagenhom at an old part word tyres place, where Paul Oakenfold was the main DJ. His breaktrough was at the end of 1989 when he played for Weekend World in Tunbridge and at The Eclipse in Coventry at the beginnigh of 1990 when he played between Fabio and Grooverider, because someone had dropped out..

The first tune he did was with Ellis Dee called ‘Ruffneck Business’. This was launched on the UB40 label ‘Roughtone Recordings’ in 1991, He is furthermore responsible for many drum & bass / jungle releases like "Get Funky"  and "Hear Me" (1993) also with Ellis Dee but also "Collusion" (1993) which he produced alone,