GE Real

GE Real (1971 - 1998), real name Kier Jeffers, was a Britsh drum & Bass DJ.

During his short & eventful career G.E Real played for a who's who of big name promoters around at that time eg Abstract, Adrenalin Corporation, Aurra, Fantazia, Dreamscape, Distruxhon, Galatica, Hysteria, Insomnia, Pandemonium & Vibealite to name a few. He made a big contribution to Pure X were he worked behind the scenes as a co-promoter. G.E Real was also a resident DJ at Pure X from it's infancy in '91 to his passing. He also wrote for Eternity Magazine.

In the early 90's, G.E Real was known as the "3 Dex" Mixer. Mixing with 3 decks was a concept rarely used at raves due to the fact that the set up was different and it was more harder to set up then the standard two decks format. G.E Real & Carl Cox were specialised in this concept but G.E Real was booked solely because of this.

G.E Real was a consummate professional, he was also a talented producer of tracks like "Screwface" and "Dibi J" which he produced with Dubtronix,