Chris & James

Chris & James is a British DJ and remix trio consisting of Chris Day, James Bradley and James Wiltshire. They are responsible for many releases. They started in the early ninties as Chris & James when a someone from James's local pub in Romford offered them a Monday night slot. Ian printed some flyers and put dj's Chris & James. They did this monday night for about three months and learned the basics of DJing and they decided to make a mixtape, which they gave to Shelley Boswell who ran The Garderners Club and Glenn Gunner from the Flying DJ's. Both Shelley and Glenn loved the tape and they got the opportunity to play at the odd London Gig and the Gardening Club.

Shelley was looking for someone to be resident at a new Tuesday night she was starting called The Pinch and offered it to Chris & James. At this place they really started to develop as DJ's. After a year they became residents alongside Jeremy Healy at the new Saturday night called Club 4 Life.

Their first release was 'Play that rock n roll rhythm' on MFF records under the famous indie label Cherry Red. Other releases are the first single "Club for Life" (1993) and the house hit in 1994 called "Calm Down". In 1995, "Tune in" was released which had a sample of Timothy Leary who was the great promotor of LSD in the sixties.