Dave Seaman

Dave Seaman (born 29 April 1968) is a British dance music DJ and record producer. He was formerly a member of the DMC Publishing, and editor of music magazine Mixmag. He formed "Brothers In Rhythm" with Steve Anderson, doing production work for (amongst others) Pet Shop Boys and Kylie Minogue. He has since founded Audio Therapy record label. He is also well known for his releases in the famed Renaissance Masters Series' (see Renaissance (club)) and a number of releases for Global Underground. He went to school in Garforth, West Yorkshire

In the nineties he formes together with producer Steve Andersson, the duo Brothers in Rhythm. They made a handful of singles like Such a good feeling (1991), which reached the first position in the U.S. dance charts. As a result of this single the got a large amount of orders for remixes by big names as the Pet Shop Boys, Chic, Janet Jackson and David Bowie. The most successful was their remix of Temptation by Heaven 17, which made ​​the song from 1983 a hit in 1992 again. The duo produced a lot for other artists, for instance the hits Go West (1993) from the Pet Shop Boys and Sure (1994) from Take That. They also worked for Kylie Minogue and made some sonmgs for the albums Kylie Minogue (1994) and Impossible Princess (1997).