Kenny Ken

London DJ Kenny Ken is a true pioneer on the Jungle/Drum ‘n’ Bass circuit, and needs no introduction. Starting his career in 1988, the halcyon era of the British rave movement, Kenny Ken, known to his family as Ken Delsol, has inspired countless DJ’s around the world to start spinning. He has the privilege of being able to say he was playing Drum ‘n’ Bass before the music had an established name.

However, everything has to start somewhere and for Kenny his path to DJ infamy began quite inconspicuously at a party called Genesis in 1988. Having only spun a few gigs at friend’s parties, Ken had no intention of getting behind the decks at Genesis. But when one of the booked DJ’s failed to turn up, he found himself pressed into service. Despite his initial fear, Ken found himself infatuated with rocking crowds and gradually began making a name for himself.

Ken was originally into Reggae and went to clubs back in the early 80’s that were in his area of Canning Town, when the scene was very much Soul based. When he went to his first rave, one of the DJ’s mixed two tracks together one being ‘Come and get my lovin’ with ‘Break of love’. The mix hit Ken and this scene captured him. He soon forgot about the Soul clubs and found himself going to raves every week.

Kenny’s first big break came at London’s legendary club ‘Labyrinth’, and soon he had enlisted with an agency called ‘Dynamix’. They got Ken a lot of work and really helped to establish him. But when Jungle started ‘Dynamix’ did not want to represent this scene and Kenny felt it was time to move on. He then went onto ‘Unique Artists’ and later joined ‘Ton Promotions’ who he works for today along with many other top names like Ellis Dee, Dr S Gachet, Swane, etc.

As well as doing a spell on various radio stations including ‘Centerforce’ and ‘Kiss FM’ and ‘one offs’ for BBC Radio One, inevitably Kenny has also set up his own record label called ‘Mix and Blen’. Which after collaborating with many top faces including DJ Rap, Footmasters and G Squad will ensure that he remains at the forefront of the Drum ‘n’ Bass circuit for many years to come.