Frankie Bones

Frankie Bones (real name Frank Mitchell) is an American techno and house music disc jockey from New York City. He is best known for bringing the rave culture to the United States after playing at a hangar party in the UK during 1989. Frankie Bones, the first American DJ to play these raves, is considered to be 'The Godfather of American Rave Culture'.

He got his first inspiration from his father's vast record collection after his father was murdered. Later on, after he had begun producing records, he was offered a gig to play for 5,000 people in England called "Energy" on the strength of his compositions. As the event started on August 26, 1989, the projected attendance had gone through the roof and Frankie played to 25,000 people while the sun came up..

Being profoundly moved by the experience, he brought it back to Brooklyn in the form of his series of Storm Raves.The Storm Raves events began with only a few hundred people in attendance growing to over 5,000 where the likes of Josh Wink, Doc Martin, Sven Väth, DJ Keoki and Richie Hawtin were able to launch their performances into international careers. During this period Frankie also is credited with being the creator of PLUR.

In response to a fight that broke out at one of his epic Storm Raves in New York City, Bones is said to have got on the microphone and yelled: “If you don’t start showing some peace, love, and unity, I’ll break your faces." Also the Berlin Love Parade, which is generally considered to be the largest techno festival in the world, named its 1991 and 1992 Parades after well-known compositions by Frankie Bones – "The Future is Ours" in 1991 and "My House is Your House (And Your House is Mine)" in 1992.

His brother, Adam X (musician), is a well-known techno DJ and producer. Frankie Bones, Adam X, Heather Heart and others are associated with the record label Sonic Groove. He co-owned, with Adam and Heather, a record store with the same name as his label at 41 Carmine St in New York City. The shop closed in 2004.