Colin Favor


UK techno Dj who came to prominence in the acid house era. Co-founded the now defunct label Rabbit City Records in 1991 with Gordon Matthewman. Also used to (and maybe still does) date Brenda Russell, with whom he used to promote the Deep Space techno night. Also had a long-standing show on Kiss FM in the UK.

Colin Favor already played as a kid records at his mates parties. When he left school he started with a career in advertising as a commercial artist, but soon a friend, who owned a small record label called Small Wonder Records, persuaded him to give up his job and and he began working on a part time basis in a record store. When work was through, Colin spent the evenings in the numerous clubs of London, all the time he was building contacts with the music industry; bods and keeping an eye out for up and coming talent for his friends label. In the early eigthies he signed groups like The Cure, Banhaus and numerous other punk bands. 

He did my first radio shows at Moorfields Eye Hospital on Sundays between 7.00pm and 9.00pm where he played soft rock. When punk began to emerge he started dropping some of that and it must have disagreed with the patients because he was soon asked to leave! He was introduced to Kiss when it was a pirate by Paul Oakenfold. Kiss became legal in September 1990 and this lead to his regular show every Tuesday night, Kraftwerk, DJ Pierre, Kevin Saunderson and loads of other top names have been interviewed on this show and he was well chuffed in 1991 when I won an award for best ‘On Air Mixer’”

His first big step as a DJ was at the Marquee Club in London where he replaced the regular DJ who was sick. This lead to offers of work at several other clubs and he also played at the Paradise Garage in New York where he came in contact with a different crowd who let themselves go and came to shake the DJ’s hand when he’d finished his set. In this period things were beginning to blow up for Colin and he began to get immersed in work. In addition to his involvement at one-nighters such as ‘Enter The Dragon’, ‘RIP’, and of course ‘The Shoom’, he was resident DJ at mixed gay nights of ‘Jungle and Pyramid’ at Heaven and was flying to France on a weekly basis to play at the Rex Club and Le Palais in Paris. So far, so many hands in the air. By 1992 he was co-promoting ‘Knowledge’ with Colin Dale and Jane Howard of Serious Business. The aim of the night was to run a mid-week event to promote unknown talent. It quickly gained a world-wide reputation playing host to top-notch names like Sven Vath, Dave Angel and Laurent Garnier: