Dave Dorrell


Dave Dorrell started DJing when he was a teenager. At highschool he got into smoking dope and listening to Reggae and at the age of 16 he was asked together with his friend Chris to DJ at the 6th form party. They turned up with a box of seven inch records and with a sound system that had to be lifted off a lorry. After that they played in local pubs and stuff like that.

RAW started about ’84–’85 and lasted till '87-'88 in a venue at the centre of London. Oliver Peyton did the interior and Dave Dorrell stated DJing together with Rob Milton who like Dave also played at the Dirtbox. Later on also Ben and Andy (Bollerhouse) became DJ at Raw. When Rob left the country he was replaced by CJ Mackintosh. Raw was also the place where Dave played his first acid house record, namely ‘Funkin With The Drums" from Farley Fiunkin Keith with the tracks "Pump-N the Bass", "Jacking the Bass", "Track-N The Beats With Linn", "Snare Crazy" and "Bass Love". He however had problems with giving these tracks a place in his playlists. But around 1987 he got a few acid tracks, as "Land of Confusion" and "Acid Trax"  at the same time and he started to experiment with it on the dancefloor and the crowd loved it.

In the mid/late 80s he was signed to ZTT as a member of Nasty Rox Inc., and was involved in the legendary M/A/R/R/S hit "Pump Up The Volume". He also headed-up Love Records.

Nowadays he works on the business side of the industry - his London-based company is named Dorrell Management. Over the years, he has worked for a vast array of artists, from Bush to Pet Shop Boys. He also briefly managed Heller & Farley.