Per Meijer, born in 1963, is a dutch DJ, producer and party organiser. He is standing behind the decks since 1979 and played his first records in public on an event called Het Bal (1984) in the Melkweg in Amsterdam, where he played hip-hop, electro, pop and wave.I

In the late eighties housemusic became an ever increasing factor which resulted in the The Beat Club, the first dutch party organization that gave house-parties all over the country. To name a few: weekender in a big tent next to the Coengebouw in Amsterdam, two nights in Parkzicht in Rotterdam, in a tent on the beach in Wijk aan Zee, in many warehouse on the Javakade. Dj Per played solo on most of them, sometimes even sets of no less then 10 hours. From 1989 to 1991 there were almost 30 parties, the biggest one was the first Dutch rave in Sportpaleis Ahoy in Rotterdam on 12-01-1991 called 'Rave of the 90's'. With live on stage: Lil' Louis, Snap, Rhythm Device and 808 State and guest dj's Eddy de Clercq, Mike Pickering and Joost van Bellen.

Also in 1989: the first Timemachine in the Melkweg, in cooperation with his brother Claes. The Timemachine is a collection of many parties in one, in which every Timegate has it's own musicstyle, decor and atmosphere. In timegate 1 (the largest room) dj Per always played his records from 1 to 5 o'clock, thus being the main dj on every edition of this legendary event. The Timemachine is now in rest after more then 50 editions in 10 years. There have been landings in ZŸrich (Rote Fabrik 8-9-1990), Bruxelles (Halles de Schaerbeek 25-09-1993), Cambridge (Junction 23-07-1994), Terschelling (Oerol festival 9,10,11-06-1994) and in The Hague (Paard 11-10-1997).

In 1993 he started with the Ambient Weekend, a festival dedicated to this newly discovered direction in electronic music. Being the first in it's kind, The British magazine The Face dedicated a 8 pages article to the festival. Two days of live music combined with spacey dj's in a relaxing and soothing surrounding. The three editions of this festival featured bands like Aphex Twin, Pete Namlook, HIA, Biosphere, Jeff Greinke, Manna, Tournesol, Tuu, Another Fine Day etc. etc. dj Per and his brother Claes (2 Meijer Prod.) have also been responsible for the chill-out hall on the Digital Overdose parties in Sporthallen-Zuid in Amsterdam (1996-1997). Here a sports-hall was turned into a old-citycentre, a video-nature garden or a concert-hall with live musicians playing with dj's