Lenny Dee


Lenny Dee (Leonardo DiDesiderio) is an Italian-American hardcore techno DJ and producer.. Lenny Dee is recognized as one of New York’s earliest Techno pioneers. His earlier music consisted of Disco, Electro-Body, High Energy and early House.

In 1984 he started as a DJ at a roller disco in Brooklyn Ney York City at the age of 17. In Europe he became interested in hardcore in the late eighties and in 1991 he founded his own hardcore record label Industrial Strength.

Over the years, he published several records, including along with the techno legend Frankie Bones. Lenny also crossed paths with NY legend/ Radio DJ and Producer - Tommy Musto. Tommy and Lenny went on to make over 20 records together on Tommy’s label Fourth Floor that became underground hits in the U.K. During the 1990s,

He was repeatedly voted the "Best Worldwide Techno DJ" and "DJ of the Year". He has played on all major events like Mayday and the Love Parade.