Mark Spoon


Markus Löffel (27 November 1966 – 11 January 2006), also known as Mark Spoon and Spacy Trancer, was a DJ, musician and record producer from Frankfurt am Main, Germany. His stage surname was a direct translation: Löffel is the German word for spoon. Together with Rolf Ellmer (Jam El Mar) he recorded under several monikers, including Jam & Spoon, Tokyo Ghetto Pussy and Storm. He also produced and remixed many other artists as well as becoming a veteran performer many times at Berlin's infamous Love Parade.

He began his professional career as a cook before changing direction and working as a DJ in the late 1980s. He then teamed up with Jam El Mar (a classically trained guitarist) in the early 1990s. Löffel was a pioneer in trance music and remixed seminal tracks, including Moby's Go (In Dub Mix) (1992), in addition to his work under other names. His greatest hits (in Germany) were those as Jam & Spoon ("Right in the Night" (1994) and "Kaleidoscope skies" (1997)).

According to Universal Music, he was found dead in his Berlin apartment, after suffering an apparent heart attack. On July 15, 2006, Löffel was remembered at the 2006 Love Parade with a live performance of his popular song, "Be Angeled", which was featured in the 2001 German film Be Angeled, in which Löffel performed.

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