Nick Warren


Nick Warren is an English house DJ and producer. He is well known for his eight albums released in the Global Underground series and as a member of the duo Way Out West. He is head of A&R for the progressive house and breaks record label Hope Recordings.

In 1988, Nick Warren began DJ-ing in Bristol, playing mainly reggae and indie music until house music became more popular in the UK. By the early 1990s, Warren had become one of the more popular DJs in Bristol, performing regularly at the superclub Vision and DJ-ing for Massive Attack.

While working at a record store in 1994, Nick Warren met producer Jody Wisternoff and the two decided to work together. Their first collaboration was on the track "Paradise is the Sound" which they released under the artist name Sub-Version 3. Warren describes Wisternoff as being the more technical of the two, while Warren states that he "bring[s] most of the sounds into our projects" and an understanding of what music needs to be successful at dance clubs. Their next two releases were issued under the name Echo, with Way Out West being the name of their remix project. The duo soon adopted the name for their act and signed a deal with Deconstruction Records.

In the mid 1990s, Nick Warren began a residency at Liverpool dance club Cream. In 1997, Warren was given the opportunity to mix the second entry in the still young Global Underground series. The album, Global Underground 003: Prague, is a live set of Warren's from Prague. Although labelled as 003, this was actually only the second release on the Global Underground label. This began a relationship with Global Underground which led to Warren creating seven additional mix albums for the series, including Global Underground 008: Brazil, Global Underground 011: Budapest, Global Underground 018: Amsterdam, Global Underground 024: Reykjavík, Global Underground 028: Shanghai, Global Underground 030: Paris, and Global Underground 035: Lima. Warren stated that he feels comfortable working with Global Underground due to an underlying trust between himself and the label.

In December 2000, Way Out West was dropped by Deconstruction, which had since been bought by BMG, as the label felt that Way Out West's album would not do well commercially. Way Out West then signed a three-album contract with Distinct'ive Records, turning down offers from other labels such as Bedrock. Their first album on Distinct'ive was Intensify, which featured the singles "The Fall", "Intensify", and "Mindcircus". "The Fall" used lyrics taken from the Cole Porter song "Autumn Leaves" and "Mindcircus" features vocals written by Imogen Heap For the next Way Out West album, Don't Look Now (2004), Warren and Wisternoff brought in vocalist Omi and drummer Damon Reece. As of early 2007, Way Out West had begun work on new material. Warren made this possible because he is now head A&R of Hope Recordings, the label in which their last single "Spaceman" was released in 2008 In 2008, Global Underground released Warren's next compilation, Global Underground 035: Lima. Before this album, Warren had sold over 110,000 compilations in the Global Underground series in the UK alone.

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