Gayle San


Gayle San (born in Singapore on January 14, 1967)  is a funky/hard/groove/techno DJ and producer.

In the late 80s Gayle San started in the Top Ten Club in Singapore as a warm up DJ for Bands like Kool & the Gang, Earth Wind & Fire and the Commodores,. In 1988 she went to the UK were she soon became resident DJ at 'Reach for the Sky' at London's Limelight club, where she played together with global DJs which Gayle describes as "the steepest learning curve possible". Having honed her DJing skills and broadened her understanding of music, Gayle began to experiment with the harder side of dance music, particularly the lesser known techno sounds coming into Britain from Europe and the US of that time. Her chance to pioneer this music in England came when Gayle became resident at Universe's legendary Final Frontier club, at Club U.K. in south London, which then moved on to become Universe Voyager at their new club, the Complex in north London,and she was also resident at all the Tribal Gatherings Festivals. Final frontier was widely regarded as one of the best club nights in the world, it was not long before Gayle had amassed a following of techno pilgrims who would make journeys from as far as Edinburgh to hear her play. Gayle's reputation of her 3 decks mixing skills and dj sets spread like wildfire over the techno centres of Europe, most notably a residency once a month at the legendary Omen club in Frankfurt, the socalled 'Mecca of techno' that opened doors.

She has also played at high profile parties for Prince, Chaka Khan and Kylie Minogue and in clubs like Bionic in Detroit, Pure Pleasure parties in Chicago, Soma in Montreal, Twilo in New York, Zouk Club in Singapore, Florida 135 in Spain, Fuse Club in Belgium, M47 in Hungary and many more all over the world. In 2000 she was voted number 6. of the most popular international DJs in Germany and was the only female DJ in the top Ten. She aslo did some studio work and successfully running her own vinyl label Equator from 1998 till 2005.

Gayle has developed a sound that takes the intelligent beats of the underground, funky/hard/groove techno sound mixed with her very own style. Gayle loves producing on her own but also enjoys collaborations with other producers such as Cari Lekebusch, on their electro studio projects as well as a b2b DJ set together which they have performed at The Awakenings ,Holland to absorb/exchange outside creativity .