Der Dritte Raum


Der Dritte Raum (The Third Room) is a techno project from producer Andreas Krüger from Göttingen and Ralf Uhrlandt is the co-DJ at live appearances.

In the early nineties Andreas Krüger handed a demo tape to Sven Väth at a techno party which resulted in a contract at Sven's record label Harthouse in 1994. In the same year he released his first album "Mental Modulator" which combined progressive techno, acid, Goa and trance. His first EP released on the Harthouse label was "Electro Disco" (1995) with 4 tracks, i.e. Brummer, Aeolus, Brenner, Tiefsee. In the early nineties Andreas Krüger also released some EP's under the name Dr. DNA.

Der Dritte Raum is best known in Germany and elsewhere as a live PA and is one of the few artists to merge techno, trance, house and funk into one new sound that is uniquely identifiable. In contrast to many other formations of this music genre Krüger and Uhrlandt directly influence the raw data, which are sent directly by the two Apple laptops as audio data to the mixer or as a MIDI data to the various synthesizers. As a result, every performance is different and improvisation is an important component.

The most popular tracks are “Hale Bopp” (1998) and “Polarstern” (1999) both championed by DJs like Sasha & Digweed during the height of the progressive trance movement. Now they have returned to a funkier, more retro sound while still keeping some of the original spacey, melodic textures.