Klaus Stockhausen


Klaus Stockhausen was a German DJ who in the eighties played a pionering role in music trends such as acid house. Since the early nineties he is a Fashion Director for varies magazines.

Klaus Stockhausen started Djing in the 70s and in those years he played at three venues. On thursday and Fridays he played in Frankfurt at a place called "No Name" on Saturdays and Sundays he showed up at "Coconut" in Cologne and on Mondays he made his apperarance at "Flora Palace" in Amsterdam, which in 1989 became the infamous iT club.

In 1983 Stockhausen moved to Hamburg and started DJing at club Front, which was a European trendsetter in the eighties. In the beginning the club was open from Tuesday till Sunday and Klaus played every night and started creating his own sound. He got his first House records from a few imports shops in Amsterdam, which he visited on a weekly basis.