The Dutch hardcore DJ Dano, real name Daniël Leeflang, born January 29, 1970 in Amsterdam, started his DJ carreer in 1984 at several local radio stations in Amsterdam. Two years later he became a music journalist for a Dutch newspaper and after visiting club Roxy in Amsterdam he realised that he had danced non-stop on this new phenomenon called acid house. From then on he called his radioshow  ‘Acid Explosion’ and soon after that he became a resident DJ at club Mazzo, Amsterdam.

In June 20, 1992, when the dancescene exploded in the Netherlands, Dano played at "The Final Exam" party in Utrecht, together with Buzz Fuzz, Gizmo and the Prophet, who together became known as the legendary "Dreamteam". This hardcore party, organised by ID&T and the  predecessor of the infamous Thunderdome parties, resulted in a rapid growth of the Dutch hardcore scene. In the following years he played at many national and international parties like Hellraiser, Thunderdome, Mayday and the Love Parade

Dano been chosen four times in a row as best hardcore DJ (which to this date no other hardcore DJ has been able to accomplish) and produced tracks for labels such as Mokum, ID&T, Dreamteam Productions and IST. He furthermore made remixes, such as ‘T-1000’, from the heavy metal band "Fear Factory". His biggest hit was the hardcore remix of “I Wanna be a Hippy” from Technohead, which sold 250.000 copies in Germany.

Credit: djdano.nl