RMB is the name of a German electronic music band, founded by Rolf Maier-Bode whose initials form the band name. Maier-Bode works in the studio with partner Farid Gharadjedaghi.

The two met in 1991 while working for the Adam & Eve label, Maier-Bode as a producer and Gharadjedaghi as A&R. After two releases under the RMB name, they split from Adam & Eve in 1993 to join the Low Spirit label. Their 1996 single, "Spring" was a gold record in Germany, with sales over 250,000 copies, and the follow-up "Reality" reached #11 in the Media Control charts. After this, they worked with Sharam Jey and Talla 2XLC. In 1998, they founded their own label, Various Silver Recordings.

Through their association with German rave culture, they have engaged in environmental activist, joining Greenpeace in protest against the Moruroa atol nuclear testing, to which they dedicated the track "Our Trip to Mururoa", a B-side found in the single "Passport to Heaven".

In 2005 RMB split up and Maier-Bode continued to work as a solo producer/composer under the name ROLF MAIER BODE (his real name has a hyphen, Rolf Maier-Bode). In March 2009 THIRTEEN STORIES was released, this would be the first full length album with new music from Maier-Bode since Mission Horizon (2001). The album is of essentially ambient character, a natural development considering every album has had an increased amount of ambient orientation since This World is Yours (1995).