Laurent Hô


Laurent Hô is a French producer and DJ, born in 1967. He is especially known for his older Hardcore Techno productions, but also produces Techno, IDM, Electro, industrial electronics etc.

In 1991 he starts his DJ carreer as a techno and trance DJ at Radio FG, followed in 1992 by DJing at parties. In 1994, he gets interested in hardcore, which just arrived in France, and as a result he starts the first French hardcore label called Epiteth rec. In those years he also starts producing  tracks under his own name and the moniker "Ingler" for labels such as Headfuck, Six Sixty Six and Shockwave. Between 1996 and 1999 he released some hardcore tracks under the alias HO.EXE under his new record label UW

In 1998 he changed to a more mellow music style and starts producing under the moniker Audiodrama In this period he launches a third label: ANLX for techno productions, and in the same year he starts another record label called UWe together with two other guys.

In 2002 Laurent Hô works on an electronica project under the name Carla Elves together with othert musicians such as Aysam -Allen City-, -Manta Outro-, -Renegade-, Nicolas Deutsch -Too Close-, Benoit Bollini -Shark's Callers-. In 2008 he releases the eclectic album "Back to the Roots", which is the first one under his own name.