Tommy van Huystee


In the late eighties the Dutch DJ Tommy van Huystee started his DJ career at the Roxy as substitute of Dimitri. He also played regularly at the Chemistry nights and Tommy was resident DJ at the infamous "Lust en Leven" parties in Amsterdam/Ruigoord. 

He was part of several groups, such as Soulful Distortion, Stormtroopers and Tommy & Karim.

Soulful Distortion, founded in 1995, was a collaboration between Tommy and Kareem Raihani. Later they were accompanied by Ilona Minchom, as leadsinger, and Gijs van Klooster as technician. Their first 12" release, in 1996, was 'Victory', followed by 'Last Dance of Hampi' (1996), 'Heavy Metals' (1997) and 'Silver Bullit' (1998).