Derrick Carter


DJ and producer Derrick Carter was born on October 21, 1969 in Compton, California and raised in the western suburbs of Chicago, Illinois. He is regarded as a key player of the underground house and he is very popular in Europe.

After practising his DJ skills for a number of years as a teenager in his bedroom (bedroom jock), he made the definitive step into the Chicago house scene.

In 1988, he released an EP with Mark Farina and Chris Nazuka as the group Symbols & Instruments. While the record wasn't a huge commercial success, it did have a strong influence on the burgeoning ambient techno movement in England. This established Derrick as an international figure in the underground house scene.

Carter rarely gives extensive interviews and has kept a low profile since his rise to fame. He famously ran a record label named Classic Recordings that (as planned ten years before) ceased to exist after its hundredth release. The 12"es start at CMC100 and run backwards, the LP's & CD's start at CMC100 and run forwards. Above all, Derrick is still respected by some as one of the best house music DJs in the world. His dj-sets are firmly rooted in black music of the 1970s, frequently giving nods to old school disco, soul and jazz.

As a remixer, he has worked for a many artists such as The Beloved, The Human League, Ricky Martin, Boris Dlugosch, Modjo, DJ Sneak, Röyksopp, Rosie Brown and Truman Industries.

Credit: wikipedia