Franky Jones

Born and raised in Mechelen, Belgium. He can be regarded as one of the Belgium pioneers of electronic dance music and he is one of the leading DJ’s / producers behind the legendary Bonzai label. Franky produced one of the best selling dance tracks ever made, The First Rebirth by Jones & Stephenson and hosting the bonzai sublabels Triptomatic, and Buddja Records releasing several classics and top 10 dance hits Worldwide.

He played at the most famous (and not so famous) clubs, festivals and parties around the world.
Awarded for Best International Visiting DJ in 1995 in Ireland by Eternity Magazine and as Best Belgian DJ in a 1997 & 1998, by Move-x Magazine..

What’s his secret ? The ability to play any kind of genre, even non electronic dance music and to switch from one genre to another with ease. He plays almost every weekend, sometimes even 3 festivals on one night and organizing his own events hosting different genres of electronic music. Franky wants to go on another decade at least, playing at parties and organizing his own events, what would be more legendary then dying behind his decks......... :), but that wont happen in the next 100 years !!! Still going strong, living his dream, living his life since life is music and music is his life.