In 1988 the Dutch DJ Dimitri obtains his first residency at club Richter in Amsterdam and starts spinning in the legendary RoXY, where he distinguishes himself from the rest through his bold and innovative mixing techniques. He is one of the first DJs to mix a house record with breakbeats or drum 'n bass, proving he is not only capable of mixing those two records together by tempo and rhythm effortlessly, but also just by melody or tune/pitch creating real-time compositions. At that time this was very exciting and groundbreaking, a style that has been copied ever so often, although never truly coming close to the master himself.

By 1991 Dimitri spins at all the major (warehouse) parties in the Netherlands, Belgium and Italy. He brings out his first record and starts his own label BE.S.T. (Beautiful Soul Techno). The first release on this label was called ‘Alice D in Wonderland’.

From 1992 onwards he continues to take over the club world with gigs from Brussels to NYC and from Paris to Detroit, and starts his famous "Hi-tech Soul Movement" club night in RoXY on Thursday nights. People from all over the country come to check out his distinctive taste of records and to hear his 'no concessions policy' when choosing music- in which many consider him truly groundbreaking.

In the meantime he also starts a new record-label and store, with Eric Nouhan, called Outland Records on which three very successful compilations are released: Static Tracks, that has become a collectors item, and Spiritual Tracks l and ll. He makes instant fame with his record 'Don't be a prisoner of your own style'. Dimitri keeps adding more and more countries to his list and with his soulful house sound he is able to impress the likes of international stars as Derrick May & Carl Craig.

By 1995 he is voted best club DJ in the Netherlands. The first edition of Chemistry, one of the most successful parties in Amsterdam is being held in the Escape in 1995 where Dimitri is involved as a resident. He also becomes a resident in the U.K. Renaissance Club. In 1996 he is listed number 4 in Muzik Magazine’s International DJ of the Year Competition and in 1998, for four years in a row, he wins the prize of the best DJ in the Netherlands.

In 1999 Dimitri performs a self-composed music play together with Hubert Jan Hubeek, the Symphonic Orchestra and video performances of VJ 00Kaap, during Heineken Night Live in Ahoy Rotterdam. And in 2000 he starts a new project with computer artist and VJ Danielle Kwaaitaal called HI&LO. As a duo they exhibit in Art Factory, Tokyo and perform during the Golden Horse Film festival in Taipei. The show is seen in many different galleries throughout Europe and -for example- in Torch Gallery Amsterdam.