Steve Sweet, born at September 12, 1967 in The Hague is a Dutch DJ known as Darkraver, but sometimes also occurs under the name DJ Steve Sweet. In the Netherlands he is known as co - creator and promoter of the phrase " Hakkûh " , a term used for the typical hardcore-/gabber style that was very popular in the Netherlands in the nineties. Together with DJ Gizmo he can be regarded as one of the most important DJ's of  The Hague hardcore scene.

Sweet began his career as a swing beat DJ in Scheveningen, but because that did not pay enough he was also stripper / dancer . During this period , In 1991 he worked as a stripper in the Rotterdam club Parkzicht, the craddle of the Dutch gabber scene, where he came in contact with house music and as a result he became a house DJ. He quickly became one of the most popular hardcore DJs.
Around 1997, he made a shift to more slower house, which was called New School ( Now - school ). The older , much faster style was then called Old School .