The Dutch DJ Gizmo, real name Ferry Salee was born in The Hague at June 3, 1995. The DJ, who is of Indonesian origin, started his career with producing Hardcore Techno but later moved to Hardstyle.

In the early nineties DJ Gizmo was resident DJ at Parkzicht in Rotterdam (Netherlands)  and he can be regarded as one of the founders of the dutch gabber scene. Gabber music is oldschool Dutch Hardcore the became very popular in the Netherlands in the early nineties.

He played at events like Thunderdome, Defqon and Mystery Land. Salee's was sidekick at the Fresh FM radio Hard House Generation, together with Norman, The Darkraver, Cor Splinter and DJ Sixpack.

He also produced under aliases like Analoque Earthquake, Army Of Darkness, Cyberdyne Inc., Hardcore Society, Lord Diskco, M-Pool, Radical Motion, Topdrop, TrixxNixx, The Sidesliders and Salee