Dylan Drazen

The American DJ Dylan Drazen is one of the most beloved DJs of the electronic scene. He began his career as a sound engineer and radio presenter. In 1993 he started as a DJ which has evolved to a brilliant career as a DJ capable of using many styles in his live appaerances. In 1997 he graduated from the Emerson college in Boston with a degree in Audio Engineering. During this time Drazen worked extensively to perfect his innovative sound; but his main project was producing his own radio show, Underground 88. The program, which aired Saturday from 2 to 6 A.M., gave Drazen his introduction to performing and experience developing what would later become one of his trademarks: lengthy deep house mixes. The genius of Brooklin produces on labels like Blueline , Clicktracks , Remains, Sonic Convergence and Tonewrecker among others. And besides acting in the best New York clubs like Limelight , Tunnel , Exit and Vinyl he is continuously travelling around the world with legendary appearances at clubs and events in the United States, Canada , South America, Japan and Europe.

As mentioned his popular sessions cover many styles, and are considered authentic masterpieces essential to understand the musical developments in recent years. He was deeply influenced as a child in the ’80s by pioneering electronic music artists Art of Noise and Tangerine Dream, Drazen began to experiment with creating music in high school by working on loops with MOD tracking software on his Amiga. Recording his favorite songs from New York radio onto cassette, he would work them onto his computer as 8-bit samples and sequence them, altering the pitch to make "megamixes." These early efforts were the first signs of what would later become part of Drazen’s mission as a DJ and producer, his passionate desire "to expose the music I love and that I feel deserves more exposure to those who would not normally seek it out on their own."