The Dutch DJ and producer Remy, real name Remy Unger,  started his career with a residency at the events of the Foundation "De Confrontatie" in The Hague. This foundation was the mother of all ( acid ) house events in The Hague late eighties. An example for the later Gottham City and Silly Symphonies parties. His first big gig was the multi - disciplinary event " Car Crash " in the former RIVA Torengarage in Torenstraat in The Hague in late March 1990. Later, among others attended the event " Foreign Affair " and " Garbage ? " . All productions Foundation Confrontation. when he was was discovered by Joost van Bellen he started his first club residency at Club Roxy in Amsterdam. soon he became one of the legendary 3, i.e. Dimitri, Marcello and Remy, in the Dutch housescene in the nineties.

Remy produced a lot of different 12" s at Wonka label from Belgium, for instance the classic  "The Traveller".  Together with Sven van Hees he established the Global cuts label ( R & S sublabel ) which he left in 1994 to set up his own label namely Taste Recordings and later Area Code 070. He explored increasingly darker side of house music after he listened to Paul van Dyk's remix of Love Stimulation and his taste in music changed to underground techno / tech house over the years .

His international DJ career " boomed " after he won the world championships DJ'ing in Cannes . Remy made ​​several CD compilations , such as Mellow Moods ( 1 & 2 ) and Silly Symphonies ( 1-5 ) during his career .