Steve Cop

The Belgium DJ Steve Cop started playing records at the age of 16. At that time he got some mixtapes from a DJ called Sven Van Hees (Global Cuts,Gemini) and tried to do the same mixes as he did on the tapes. As Steve got better some friends gave him a chance to spin at their party's. Some people heard Steve play there and asked him to play in Brussels with Mark Kamins and Poltergeist. That was his first big party. After that party, Renaat from R&S Records contacted Steve to do some studio work for him together with C.J. Bolland. Then he started working in La Rocca as Light-Jockey and after a while he became resident DJ together with DJ Eric Beysens, with who he also played at Bocaccio Life in Gent. Besides his residency he also played at a lot of party's across Belgium and Ibiza.

After 2 ½ years playing in La Rocca he moved to Café d'Anvers where he shared the decks with the dutch DJ Koenie. Because it was difficult to combine a residency at Café D'Anvers with abroard appearances he stopped playing at Café D'Anvers. In Holland a club called Exposure asked him to do some regular nights so he became resident DJ in club Exposure in The Hague where he stayed for two years. After that he started a club called FUSE and later Ciao Dance Hall