The dutch DJ Marcello, real name Marcel Bakker. was born in Haarlem and started as a DJ in 1981. In the mid-eighties he met Dimitri when both went out in  Baarn were Dimitri lived at that time. After Dimitri invited him to visit his home to listen to record together a musicl bond evolved between the two great of the Dutch house scene. The result was that Marcello visited club Richter in Amsterdam regularly in the late eighties to listen to and play with Dimitri who was standing behind the turntables. In january 1990 Marcello became resident DJ in club iT in Amsterdam on Thursday and Sunday and now Dimitri visited him regularly to spin some records with Marcello. This was not evident because in this period there was some rivalry between club iT and the roxy, which was the homebase of Dmitri at that time, and it therefore amazed the club owner of the iT, Manfred Lange. around 1991/1992 Marcello became also resident DJ in club Waakzaamheid in Koog aan de Zaan where he met Eelko Anceaux. This contact resulted in the Chemistry nights at saturdaynight which started in the mid-nineties in the Escape in Amsterdam. 

Marcello is furtermore resposible for the first four iT compilation albums, i.e. iT the Album (1994), iT the 2nd album (1994) and iT the 3rd album (1994). the fourth album, that came out in 1995, was a collaboration with DJ Jean, who was also resident DJ at that time.