Doc Scott

Scott McIlroy (born 1969, Coventry UK), better known as Doc Scott or Nasty Habits, is a intelligent drum and bass DJ and producer from England. He had his first pair of decks at the age of 15 and at that time he was into the hip hop. He got his first pair of Technics when he was 18 years old and was also breakdancer and did graffity. The name Doc Scott is a reminent from his school period when many people came to his house to get a (tape) copy of the newest music, because he was the first who had it. They began to say "We are going to the doctor to get a prescription" or  "going to Doc Scott".

He came in contact with house Music when he was shopping in birmingham and heard these new records. Towards the end of the 80's he fell in love with Chicago house & New York garage as well as European techno from the likes of R&S & DJAX. The first time he played at a party or rave was an illegal rave called Utopia in 1989. This party was in a field and the police were at the gates, so he had to go across some railway lines with his record box to get to the marquee. In those days he went to the Sunrise parties in 1989 and to Energy.  At these parties he heard DJ's like Fabio, Grooverider, Jack Frost and Carl Cox and he was blown away by the skills of these DJ's and especcially Grooverider en Fabio have influenced him.

The Connexion parties from Amnesia House were his real breakthrough as a DJ and at the end of 1990 he gave up work and focussed entirely on his carreer as a DJ. This evolved in a gigs at lots of parties. He is furtermore notable for producing the influential tracks "Here Come The Drumz" (Reinforced Recotds, 1992) and "Shadow Boxing" (31 Records, 1996). The recording of this track would aslo jump start his own label 31 Records.