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Modulations (1998)


Modulations is a documentary about one the roots and current trends in electronic music. After more than 300 interviews with musicians, academics, technicians and scientists, Lara Lee created a  film which tells a story of music and electronic culture in the twentieth century.

It builds on the pioneering work of the arts and music, as Luigi Russolo and his manifesto " The Art of Noises ", John Cage, Karlheinz Stockhausen or the French Pierre Henry and establishes the heritage that unite to musicians playing in more contemporary and very different musical worlds such as Giorgio Moroder disco, hip- hop funky Afrika Bambaataa or electronic pop Moby and Orbital. To these musical references with broad notoriety also combine interviews with personalities from the underground music culture, which Iara Lee says she had to fight to get the confidence.

Lara Lee also draws a parallel between the collective culture created by the music and drug use, according to the different eras and influencing lifestyles. The form of this film fits about it, and far from a linear timeline Modulations is composed as a set of bonding (or cut- up) interviews and collected recordings of concerts, performances and collective celebrations. The film's soundtrack was created by a DJ and not a traditional sound editor, with priority being given to the synergy between images and music. Modulations knows a posterity in the form of a multimedia project with a collection of records, a book and a website.






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