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October 8, 1992 - Altern 8 live at club RoXY, Amsterdam



Live PA from Altern 8 at the infoamous club RoXY in Amsterdam.on thursday October 8, 1992.

Altern 8 was a highly influential early 90's UK rave duo, formed in Stafford in 1990 after the dissolution of previous alias Nexus 21. Known for an iconic chemical warfare image and a hardcore sound typified by the seminal "Frequency" single.

Altern-8 tunes influenced many artists, with their mixture of the sounds of the Roland TB-303, 808 and 909 with break-beats and familiar samples. At the time in the UK, outdoor rave events were legal, and Altern-8 had a reputation for turning up to play at major unofficial events. They helped to define harder house tracks relying more heavily on bass and volume. The use of more bass and eclectic noises gradually evolved Altern-8's music away from the earlier house music style. The duo, dressed in chemical warfare suits and dancing "like electrified monkeys", took part in a large number of live performances




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