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September 16, 1995 - Carl Craig live at Chemistry in the Escape, Amsterdam


Live recording of Detroit techno DJ Carl Craig at club Escape in Amsterdam. This was the second Chemistry night broadcasted by the Dutch radiostation 3FM. Untill 1997 it was broadcasted each Saturdaynight from midnight till 6am.

This recording was broadcasted between 2am and 3am and the first 7 minutes you can hear the dutch DJ Datcho. The rest of Datcho's set can be found here.

In 1995 Carl Craig produces the album 'Landcruising'. The fact that it is not released in the USA and  that the critics are not very positive is a big disappointment for Carl. Later he will say that the album is misunderstood. Tracks on 'Landcruising' are "Mind of a Machine", "Science Fiction", "A Wonderful Life", "Technology", "They Were", "Landcruising", "Einbahn", "One Day Soon" en "Home Entertainment". The complete album can be found here.


[47:19 min]



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