Barocci (Zundert)


Club Barocci in Zundert opened it's doors on Saturday August 24, 1991 and  was in early 90s a popular club in the south Netherlands. Many DJ's played at the Barocci, but the resident DJ's were Bart Bellens and Yves Deruyter. Yves also has has residency at many other Dutch and Belgium clubs, such as La Rocca, Cherrymoon and the Globe. The club was owned by Richard van Veen and his wife.

The weekend at the Barocci started on Fridaynight with Yves Deruyter behind the decks. On Saturdaynight it was Bart Bellens turn and on Sunday DJ Dave and again Yves Deruyter were playing.

The Barocci has been closed twice in 1993 and 1994. When it opened it's doors again the name was changed in "Mega Dance Theatre Barocci". From this moment on only mellow house was on the menu and the number of visitors decreased rapidly. The resulted in the definitive closure at the end of 1994.


A radio commercial from 1991 announcing the opening of club Barocci in Zundert.