Doornroosje (Nijmegen)

Doornroosje was founded in 1970 as "Kreatief Activiteiten Sentrum" in Nijmegen and was a gathering place for hippies. After two temporary locations it found its place in an old school. It became known as one of the first places in the Netherlands where hashish and marijuana were openly available.

Many bands were on the program in Doornroosje, often before their (inter) national breakthroughs . for instance Pink Floyd, Pixie, Joy Division, Nick Cave, The Jam, Faith No More, Doe Maar, Smashing Pumpkins, Sonic Youth, Green Day, Beck, dEUS, The Fall, Radiohead and Editors have been on the podium. Doornroosje offered a home to new trends, such as the punk movement in the first half of the 80s .

From the late '80s dance was increasingly programmed. Some big names like Daft Punk, Speedy J, DJ Tiesto, Jeff Mills, Dave Clarke, Laurent Garnier and Acid Junkies showed their skills in Doornroosje. The focus of Doornroosje lays at techno subgenres like: minimal, deep techno, tech house, progressive and house. People from all over the Netherlands come to Doornroosje to see the Techno artists. Doornroosje also supports N.E.W. (Nieuwe Electronische Waar) platform for electronic music in the eastern Netherlands .