Funki Bizniz (Eindhoven)

Funki Bizniz was the first club in Eindhoven dedicated to house and techno. The club at the Stratumsedijk 35, owned by Chris and John Hendriks Nabbe, opened it's doors in 1993. It was the most exclusive venue in Eindhoven untill it closed it's doors in 1999. Many Dutch and Belgium pioneers  like Dimitri, Marcello, Ronald Molendijk, Koenie and Sven van Hees showed their skills in the Funki. Also American DJ's like Carl Craig and Stacy Pullen were regular guests at the club, which had a capacity of only 300 people. The resident Dj's were Lady Aïda, Max 404, Vrett, Robob, Pauli, Robin, Kid Sundance, Thomson, Niles, Ciz, Stefan, Sander and Gert Jan.

Theme parties were fashionable and dresscode (home-made) was almost standard and the interior of the club changed almost every week.  Besides doorbitch Bing who was present almost every weekend also nicely dressed dancers were present an created an exciting atmosphere. Besides house and techno, also jazz, soul and funk were on the menu. In 1994 the British music magazine DJ Magazine released an European club guide were the Funki Bizniz was listed together with clubs like the Hacienda, Pacha, Ministry of Sound, Café D' Anvers (Antwerp), RoXY (Amsterdam) and Mazzo (Amsterdam).

Image: Techno grandmaster Lady Aida behind the decks at the Funki Bizniz in Eindhoven, Netherlands