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Zeitgeist Stammheim (2009)   [German Spoken]



A German documentary about the infamous techno club Aufschwung Ost/Stammheim in Kassel, Germany

The Techno Club "Aufschwung Ost" opend it's doors in 1994 in Kassel and in 1996 changed it's name to "Stammheim". In the first two years of it's opening it was chosen twice as best German Techno club and as a result Kassel became a magnet for hundreds of techno fans from all over Germany. What were the consequences of this great success and why was Stammheim forced to close it's doors in 2002?

A nice report from witnesses about how a spontaneous party became the "largest self-organised youth centre" and how music history was written. How they danced to the point of physical exhaustion and how music changed their life. How solidarity and happiness were all over the place. Also famous DJ's like Bringmann & Kopetzki, Chris Liebing, DJ Rush, DJ Pierre, Chi, DJ Fish and Henner Stang tell their story in this documentary.



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