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April 1989 - Resident DJ Klaus Stockhausen at Front club in Hamburg



In 1987 there was a strong acid movement in Hamburg and in no time everbody was painted with the yellow smileys, the symbol of the Acid House culture, which had it's origin in the UK. The smileys were introduced at Danny Ramplings Shoom club in London. Shoom’s graphics designer, George Georgiou, explains: “Danny insisted I use the Smiley-face symbol, which I wasn’t that keen on. So I made the Smileys tumble down the page either side of the text. Of course they looked like pills, which people picked up on.”

In the late eighties the techno became more prominent and this was also the period that Klaus Stockhausen started losing his interest because he did not like techno very much. Or as he explains: "When I heared techno it was like listening to rattling washing-machines. I missed the soul.". In 1992, at the age of 34, he decided to stop when he was in a record shop and saw teenagers who were only listening to techno.





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