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July 10, 1999 - Video impression of Mark Spoon live at the Love Parade in Berlin


Video of the German trance/techno DJ and producer Mark Spoon. The motto of the Love Parade from 1999 was "Music is the key" and with 1,5 million people attending this event was the biggest one.

Mark Spoon, real name Markus Löffel, had together with Jam El Mar some hits as "Jam & Spoon". The biggest hits were Right In The Night (1993) and Kaleidoscope Skies (1997) both featering Plavka. The track Stella (1992) was not a big hit, but is still regarded as a classic in the trance scene, as well as Odyssey To Anyoona (1994) and their remix of The Age Of Love (1992).

In the early nineties Spoon worked at Logic-Records for projects such as Snap! and Dr. Alban. He was found dead in his appartment in 2006, the cause was a heart attack.


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