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November 26, 1994 - Westbam live at Mayday "The Raving Society", Berlin, Germany

A video and audio recording of the German DJ Westbam, live at the second day of Mayday "The Raving Society" in Berlin, Germany.

"The Raving Society - We Are Different" was the only 2 day Mayday event in history and  34000 party people attended.

Other DJ's at the event were Carl Cox, Dj Dick, Marusha, Tanith as well as Laurent Ho, DJ Edge, Tofke, Luke Slater, Dano, Mike Dearborn, Frankie Jones, Dave Clarke, Andy Düx, Jens Mahlstedt, Tommy Yamaha

There were also liveacts from Members of Mayday, Q- Tex, Acid Scout, Pravda Traxx, CJ Bolland, Phrenetic System, RMB, Raver's Nature

Video: 8m08s

Audio: 43m46s



  1. Sluts 'n Strings & 909 - In Your Pretty Face
  2. V-Tracks - Subway 26
  3. Arte Bionico - Voyager
  4. Sourmash - Eclipse
  5. Sapiano - Maniak
  6. Trax-X - Gravity
  7. Cherry Moon Trax II - Let There Be House
  8. Repulsive 2 - Recactussed
  9. WestBam - Bam Bam Bam (Moby Remix)
  10. Spicelab - Pyrospice
  11. Sushi - The House Of Hong
  12. Doctor X - The Fly Is Still Alive
  13. ?
  14. ?
  15. Members Of Mayday - We Are Mayday (Pravda Trax Remix)
  16. Moonbreaker - Liberation
  17. DJ Demand - Dark & Light
  18. Ravers Nature - Take Off!

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