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November 26, 1994 - DJ Dick live at Mayday "The Raving Society", Berlin, Germany

A video and audio recording of the German DJ Dick, recorded at Mayday "The Raving Society" in Berlin, Germany.

"The Raving Society - We Are Different" was the only 2 day Mayday event in history and  34000 party people attended.

DJ Dick, real name Fabian Lenz, is the brother of WestBam. Together with WestBam, Klaus Jankuhn and William Röttger he is the founder of the Mayday parties in Germany.

In the early 90s he produced some tracks for the Mayday-compilations - mostly together with Klaus Jankuhn, on some releases his brother WestBam joined them. He also has been a resident DJ on Mayday and Love Parade since the beginning.

In the mid-90ies he stopped deejaying to have more time for the organisation of the yearly Mayday-events.

Video: 23m42s              Audio: 27m14s


  1. DJ Franky Jones - Overwhelming Rain (Jones & Stephenson Mix) (Bonzai Records [BR 94064)]
  2. Nexus 6 - Ab (Chic (Acrid Abeyance Remix) [Noom (NOOM X) - 6]
  3. Technotrance - Y.R.S Stomp [Bass Generator]
  4. Headcase - Critical Rhythm (The Ultra) (Sonic Remix) [Clubscene - CSRT029r]
  5. Space Frog - Time Slip (Lords Of Octagon Remix) [Energized (DMD ENG 009) - 1]
  6. Microwave Prince - I Need Your Love [Le Petit Prince (Prince 94) - 11]
  7. Trancial - X (Tion (Dead Bodies (Remix) [Bonzai Jumps) - BJ 94005)]
  8. Meteor Seven - Signs Of Life [Fire - 108]
  9. Marc Smith - Techno Dup [Clubscene - CSRT020]
  10. Sensitive - God Stepped Out (Casseopaya Mix) [Ugly Frog - UFP 008]
  11. Repulsive 2 - Recactussed [Bonzai - BRLTD 004)]
  12. Cherry Moon Trax - Let There Be House [Bonzai - BR 94066]
  13. Paranoia X - Party Program [Important Raver - RAV 003]

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