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April 30, 1996 - Carl Cox live at Mayday "The Day X", Dortmund, Germany



Hardcore liveset from UK legend Carl Cox, recorded at the tenth Mayday event. 20.000 people attended this event which was held in the Westfalenhallen in Dortmund.

A the age of 10 Carl Cox already spent all his pocket money on soul and funk records and when he moved to Brighton in 1986, he came into contact with Acid House. His breakthrough came in 1988 at the Sunrise rave in London and he is still one of the most wanted DJs in the world. He is also known as the 'three deck wizard "because he was one of the first DJs who used three turntables. He has released many tracks on different labels, including his own label Intec Records.

Other DJ's at this Mayday event were Westbam, Kenny Larkin, Dick, Roy Davis, Lawrence Burden, DJ Digital, Marusha, Fabio Paras, Afrika Islam, Super DJ Dimitry, CLÉ, DJ Skull, 100% Isis, Hardsequencer, Youri, Blu Peter, FLY, Hooligan, Mischa Woran, Daz Saund, Steve Bug, Steve Mason, Andy Düx, Nigel Walker, Liza 'N' Eliaz, Mate Galic, Miss Yetti, Acid Maria, Treibhaus–DJs

Liveacts were : Phuture, Members of Mayday, The Dentist, GIOTTO, Rob Acid, Future Funk, AWEX, RMB, Mijk van Dijk




  1. Sound Enforcer 2nd Series - Icon [Blunted 018]
  2. Birds With Blonde Hair - Come On Die Young [Snag 01]
  3. Rudy's Playhouse - Got To Be Free (Acid Overdose Mix) [JCL-0068]
  4. B.T. Express - Just About To Snap [Madhouse 05]
  5. DJ Funk - Pump It [Test DJ 001]
  6. Cyber S II - Lexion [Nitric 963601]
  7. The Mind Drum - Ravers Delight [Subvert 0.2]
  8. DJ Skull - Acid Wiss 'L [Djax-Up 238]
  9. Adam Beyer - Drum Code 1:1 [Planet Rhythm - PRR014]
  10. Remy & Gregor - She Sings [Taste 012]
  11. De Control - Hall Of Mirrors [Growth 105]
  12. Magnetfique - Edge Peak [Important 022]
  13. Mandala - The Encore (Brainstorm Raymix) [Noom 016]
  14. Toxic - Shit On Me [Paradogs 03]
  15. Semisphere - Broaden Your Mind [Suck Me Plasma]
  16. Platform - Rowcast [X - Trax 009]
  17. Thomas Schumacher - Ficken #3 [Bush 1028]
  18. Joey Beltram - Instant [Tresor 040]
  19. D & T - Acid Shakedown [Tripoli Trax 014]
  20. Underworld - Rowla [TVT 8737-0]

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