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November 26, 1994 - RMB live at Mayday "The Raving Society" in Berlin, Germany

Live appearance of RMB at the Mayday event at the Deutchlandshalle in Berlin where 34.000 people attended over two days.

RMB is the name of a German electronic music band, founded by Rolf Maier-Bode whose initials form the band name. He works together with Farid Gharadjedaghi.

DJ's at this event were Westbam, DJ Dick, Marusha, Tanith, Laurent Ho, DJ Edge, Luke Slater, Tofke, Dano, Mike Dearborn, Frankie Jones, Dave Clarke, Andy Düx, Jens Mahlstedt, Tommy Yamaha as well as other liveacts such as Members of Mayday, Q- Tex, Acid Scout, Pravda Traxx, CJ Bolland, Phrenetic System, Raver's Nature.

video: 16:02 min       audio: 17:21 min




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