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November 26, 1994 - Marusha live at Mayday "The Raving Society" in Berlin, Germany

The German DJ Marusha at Mayday in the Deutchlandshalle in Berlin with an attendance of 34.000 party people over two days.

Marusha's career began in 1991 in Berlin with her radio programme "Dancehall" which went out each Saturday on the young people's station DT 64. When DT 64 had to close, Marusha changed the frequency and the name of her show. The Berlin station "Fritz" carried Marusha's "Rave satellite" once a week until 2007.

Other DJ's at this event were Westbam, DJ Dick, Laurent Hô, Tanith, DJ Edge, Luke Slater, Tofke, Dano, Mike Dearborn, Frankie Jones, Dave Clarke, Andy Düx, Jens Mahlstedt, Tommy Yamaha as well as other liveacts such as RMB, Members of Mayday, Q- Tex, Acid Scout, Pravda Traxx, CJ Bolland, Phrenetic System, Raver's Nature.

video: 29:41 min       audio: 47:42 min


  1. Accelerator - Accelerator 3
  2. Black Acid - Ariella
  3. Re-Actor - Setup 1
  4. Secret Base - Warpmission
  5. Future Primitive - Lift Me Up
  6. Jimmy J & Cru L T - Take Me Away
  7. Moby - Feeling So Real
  8. Renegate & Static - We'll Delete The Weak
  9. Sensitive - God Stepped Out (Casseopaya Remix)
  10. 3 Steps Ahead - Hardcore
  11. Meteor 7 - Signs Of Life
  12. Marusha - Raveland


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