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September 30, 1995 - Joey Beltram live at the Tresor Tour at Aufschwung Ost, Kassel



Liveset from the New York techno DJ Joey Beltram recorded in 1995 at the Tresor Tour at Aufschwung Ost in Kassel, Germany. The set was broadcasted as part of a five hour special edition of the German radioshow hr3 clubnight.

In the late eighties Joey Beltram became active in the New York dancscene and he released a couple of tracks on small local labels. This brought him under the attention of the Belgium label "R&S records" which in 1991 resulted in the release of the track Energy Flash that became a worldwide clubhit. Later that year he also released the track Mentasm under the name "Second Phase". In this track a synthsound called the Hooversound was present that was used in many other dancetracks. In the following years he released several tracks and in 1993 he produced the 12" "Hard Attack" together with Paul Elstak, a dutch hardcore DJ, or gabber DJ as they call it in the Netherlands. In the same year he also released his debut album "Dance Generator",  with eight hard techno tracks, under the Trax Records label.




  1. DJ Boris - Black Damian [Relief]
  2. Fingers Inc. - I'm Strong [R&S]
  3. Jark Prongo - Complete Control [Fresh Fruit]
  4. Joey Beltram - Instant [Logic / Tresor]
  5. Gameform - Joey Beltram [Logic / Tresor]
  6. L.T.G. Projekt - Earthquake [Djax Up]
  7. Mike Dearborn - Deviant Behaviour [Djax Up]
  8. Tyree - Video Crash [Rockin' House]
  9. Steve Poindexter - Computer Madness [Muzique]
  10. Joey Beltram - Oval [Logic / Tresor]
  11. Dave Clarke - Red 2 [Bush]


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