The first Mayday event, December 14, 1991 at the Weißensee hall in Berlin, was organised to support the East German youth radio DT64. The name was derived from the international "Mayday" distress signal. The idea for the party came from Fabian Lenz (DJ Dick), his brother Maximilian (WestBam) and the magazine Frontpage. Because the first event was a great success with around 5,000 visitors, a second edition was organised on April 30, 1992 at the Ice stadion of Cologne.

Between 1992-1996 the Mayday event was organised twice a year, on April 30 and in November or December. On April 30, 1993 the first Mayday was organised at the Westfalenhallen in Dortmund, while the wintereditions were held in Berlin and once in Frankfurt. The Winter Mayday in 1994 with the theme "The Raving Society" was held at two consecutive nights, both with the same line-up of DJs, because the tickets for the actual planned event on November 26 were sold out very quickly. From 1997 all edition took place at the Westfalenhallen in Dortmund on April 30.

In 1992 Mayday presented gabber, which is Dutch hardcore, for the very first time. In the same year “Sound of Rotterdam” remixed the Mayday anthem. 1993 saw hardcore founding father Marc Acardipane actually generating “Judgement Day” feelings in Dortmund with PCP. In 1994 Thunderdome dream team DJ Dano took the place by storm at “The Raving Society”. The end of the 90s was the parting of the ways for hardcore and Mayday.

Each Mayday had a theme. Until 2013 it was composed by Members of Mayday, DJs WestBam and Klaus Jankuhn. WestBam, who participated in all 60 Mayday events worldwide left the organisation on Februari 2014 because of unbridgable differences with organised i-motion.


The first 14 editions of the Mayday event in Germany

Date Theme City Visitors
December 14, 1991 Best of House and Techno Berlin 5.000
April 30. 1992 A New Chapter of House and Techno   Köln 12.000
December 12. 1992 Forward Ever, Backward Never Berlin 7.000
April 30, 1993 The Judgement Day Dortmund 16.000
December 11. 1993 The Religion Berlin 6.000
April 30, 1994 Rave Olympia Dortmund 24.000
November 25-26, 1994   The Raving Society (We are Different)   Berlin 34.000
April 30. 1995 Reformation Dortmund 22.000
December 16. 1995 The Great Coalition Frankfurt am Main   18.000
April 30. 1996 X Dortmund 20.000    
December 14. 1996 Life on Mars Berlin 8.000
April 30. 1997 Sonic Empire Dortmund 18.000
April 30. 1998 Save the Robots Dortmund 20.000
April 30. 1999 Soundtropolis Dortmund 20.000

Credit: Wikipedia