Tresor (Berlin)


Tresor (German for safe) is an underground techno nightclub en recordlabel. The club was founded on March 17, 1992 in a building of the old Wertheim department stores where the safes were. This building stood in the Leipziger Straße in  Mitte, the centre of the old East Berlin, next the the Potsdamer Platz

The history of the club however started already in 1988 when the electronic music label Interfisch opened the UFO club in Berlin. UFO was the original centre of the house- and techno scene in Berlin, but it closed in 1990 because of financial problems.

After the UFO was closed the new location was found by Dimitri Hegemann, from Interfisch, and some investers. De cellars under the Wertheim-department store turned out to be an excellent location for a club and soon it became the most popular club in Berlin. On April 16, 2005 the last Tresor party was held at this location. In 2007 the club reopend at an old energy exchange at the Köpenicker Straße, again in Mitte.

From 1991 Tresor is also a sublabel of Interfisch. Many international techno artists such as, 3 Phase, Blake Baxter, Joey Beltram, Drexciya, Eddie 'Flashin' Fowlkes, Robert Hood, Neil Landstrumm, Jeff Mills, Tobias Schmidt, Surgeon, Fumiya Tanaka en Cristian Vogel, have released records under this label.


Tresor Records 1991-2001