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September 24, 1991 - Sasha & Tony Ross at a KAOS party in the Leeds Warehouse



Tape recording of Sasha and Tony Ross at a KAOS party in the Leeds Warehouse in the autumn of 1991

Sasha is a Welsh DJ and record producer. Sasha began his career playing acid house dance music in the late 1980s. He partnered with fellow DJ John Digweed in 1993, touring internationally and producing a series of mixes.

DJ Tony Ross from the UK has only be a short time in the dance scene. He started. as a DJ in 1987 and played a lot together with Sasha in the early nineties. He stopped DJing around 1993

This is the A-side of the tape, so it is unknown who isa standing behind the turntables in this part but going by the tunes Sasha is most likely playing here. Side B is unfortunately missing.





  1. BG The Prince Of Rap - I Control The Party
  2. The Future Sound Of London - Papua New Guinea
  3. Bizarre Inc V Blue Pearl [Playing With Knives / Passion]
  4. Yo-Bots - I Got It (Groove Mix)
  5. Turnatable Symphony - Cant Stop [D-Zone]
  6. Brother Makes 3 - I Wanna Dance (Divas All On It Mix)
  7. ? flute 'Welcome To The Bright Lights
  8. M.A.N.I.C. - Im Coming Hardcore
  9. C Concept - Why Naked
  10. Bam Bam Musique - Milk Of Magnesia (Knuckles Tribute Mix)
  11. Underground Posse - Straight Up House [Bad Boy]
  12. Congress - 40 Miles [Better Grooves]
  13. K Klass - Rhythm Is A Mystery
  14. E-Llustrious - Dance No More
  15. Bassomatic - Attack Of The 50ft Drum Machine
  16. Anticapella - 2/123
  17. S Bam - Take Me Away Now
  18. Rhythm Is Rhythm - Strings Of Life [Briefly]


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